Uncovering How Genomic Organization Influences Cellular Variability

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Job Description

Job Description

The Finn Lab at OMRF is looking for excellent candidates for a position at the level of postdoctoral research fellow. We study how variability in genome organization can give rise to cellular phenotypes. You will be trained in techniques specific to the lab. You will bring your own expertise. Together, we’ll develop an exciting, independent research project that you will oversee and manage. As the work develops, there will be opportunities for grant-writing, mentorship of students, publication, and formal and informal presentations. The eventual goal is to help you build the independence you need to advance your career.


Benchmark Accountabilities:
• Independently conducts scientific research
• Oversees and/or manages a research project
• Mentors more junior lab members
• Shares in regular lab maintenance tasks
• Assists with grant writing and writing papers for publication
• Apply for training grants and other funding if eligible with assistance and guidance
• Presents scientific information both formally and informally

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Knowledge of the principles and practices of scientific theory and research
• Skill in formulating and testing hypotheses
• Verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to design and conduct scientific research experiments
• Ability to analyze and summarize data and results
• Ability to write scientific papers and grants
• Ability to mentor students and guide the work of less senior scientists

Job Requirements

Ph.D. in a biological science, chemistry, physics or other relevant area, M.D., or equivalent