Translational Research on Prostate Cancer

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Job Description

Our laboratory focuses on the translational development of promising investigational agents. Preclinical studies will focus on evaluating isoprenylated xanthones for the disruption of androgen receptor (AR) functionality for prostate cancer. More specifically, we are interested in promoting degradation of the androgen receptor by small molecules. Our lab environment focuses on a team based model with active collaboration between scientists/fellows in our research group supporting pre-clinical and clinical based projects. Research in our group is supported by NCI (R37, R01, PREVENT), NIH-NICHD, USDA and foundations.

Minimum Qualifications

PhD with training consistent with molecular biology, biomedical sciences or a related discipline.
A minimum of 1-2 years research experience in molecular biology.
Displayed proficiency in lab research techniques required.
The successful candidate will have experience in a laboratory dedicated to translational research in oncology and ideally prostate cancer.
Attention to detail is essential to support written documentation, present findings, and project report submissions.

Preferred Research Skills

Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate experience with prostate cancer cell culture (i.e. LNCaP, 22Rv1, VCaP), immunoblot, immunoprecipitation, immunofluorescence microscopy.
Molecular biology experience with cloning and modifying proteins of interest will be preferred.