Studying how Commensal Microbes are Regulated by the Immune System

Application ends: February 29, 2024
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Job Description

University of Illinois Chicago seeks a talented and highly motivated post-doctoral researcher with a background in immunology, virology, biochemistry or molecular biology to study the regulation of innate anti-viral immune responses through ubiquitination. This is an NIH-funded position available immediately.

The MacDuff laboratory investigates the cellular mechanisms and pathways that regulate inflammatory responses to pathogenic and commensal microbes. We utilize mouse and cell culture models of viral and bacterial infection, and a variety of immunological, microbiology, biochemical and molecular biology techniques to achieve these goals. Additional information about the laboratory and research program is available at:

Job Responsibilities
• Design and develop a project and The laboratory of Dr. Donna MacDuff in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the experiments with the Principal Investigator to investigate the regulation of RIG-I-like receptor signaling by ubiquitination
• Work independently to perform experiments, acquire and analyze data
• Optimize biochemical methods
• Prepare manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals
• Communicate results at scientific conference, seminars and lab meetings
• Assist in the training on other research staff and students

• A recent graduate with a PhD in Immunology, Virology, Biochemistry or a related field
• A strong publication record, with at least one first author publication in an international journal
• Ability to design and conduct experiments independently
• Ability to work with others as a team
• Ability to write manuscripts and fellowship applications, and present their research at national meetings
• Excellent command of the English language
• Excellent organizational skills 

Please email applications to Donna MacDuff at, including a CV, cover letter, and contact information for three references.

Preferred Research Skills

• Experience with immune signaling pathways, biology of ubiquitination, or mouse models.
• Experience working with viruses
• Experience with molecular biology or biochemical techniques

How should applicants apply?
By Email