Postdoc in Human Performance Technologies

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Job Description

This position is open to US Citizens. The position will be located in San Diego, CA. The position will have a hybrid work where employee can work remotely or from customers offices, as needed, based on demands of specific tasks or personal work preferences.

The primary working hours are based in the Pacific Time Zone (PT). However, the nature of the work and collaboration with team members at the Ohio State University HPC in the Eastern Time Zone (ET) necessitates periodic availability during Eastern Time business hours. Position may require occasional travel to Columbus, Ohio.

This position will serve as a Post Doctoral Scholar for the Human Performance Collaborative (HPC). HPC is a campus–wide initiative out of the Office of Research that connects assets to create diverse, interdisciplinary, collaborative research teams with the goal of advancing the study of human performance with enhanced focus on performance assessment, augmentation and recovery sciences. The collaborative aims to conduct life-changing human performance. The Human Performance Collaborative is committed to establishing a culturally and intellectually diverse environment, encouraging all members of our learning community to reach their full potential.

Will be responsible for research activities for externally funded Department of Defense research initiatives.

The person in this role will be responsible for the following objectives:
– Conduct needs analysis of the nutritional state of tactical populations in various roles and environments to understand organizational structures, constraints, timelines, etc.
– Conduct in-depth structured interviews and focus groups to understand specific needs and nutritional challenges of individuals in various roles and environments.
– Design options for potential follow-on research to understand individual nutritional needs including nutritional biomarker panels and wearables.
– Design and evaluate targeted nutritional intervention studies for feasibility and effects in subjective/objective health/wellbeing and performance.

Additional responsibilities will include:
– Oversee study data collection, and data compliance;
– Participate in study design activities;
– Oversee collection and analysis of nutritional biomarkers and physiological data.
– Responsible for analyzing and preparing data reports for continual project reports.
– Lead/Contribute to study publications and presentations;
– Assists Principal Investigators in research & development efforts of new research projects;
– Developing new methods for research;
– Developing and detailed understanding of current relevant scientific literature;

Minimum Education Required: Doctoral / Professional – Field of Study: Dietetics, Nutrition, Exercise Sciences, Kinesiology, Human Sciences, Public Health, or other related discipline. Note: Candidates who have completed all but dissertation (ABD) will be considered.

Experience and Qualifications:

– Nutritionist, Registered Dietician Nutritionist (RDN) or Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)
– Ability to work in a team environment with limited supervision.
– Exceptional verbal, written, and visualization communication skills.
– Proficiency in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, data analysis, and statistical analysis relevant to nutrition and exercise science research.
– Ability to adapt to new research environments and challenges, as well as the perseverance to overcome research obstacles.
– Experience with nutrient status assessment tools and methodologies.
– Experience in dietary intake assessment, anthropometric measurements, and biochemical analysis.
– Experience utilizing human performance technologies in an applied setting, such as GPS, RFID, force plates, motion capture, heart rate monitors, sleep trackers etc.
– Proficiency in data collection and analysis, including the ability to use statistical tools and software for nutritional assessment.
– Ability to work a non-standard work schedule (early mornings, evenings, weekends)

Preferred Research Skills

Sports nutrition/performance nutrition background; Experience working in applied environments, such as NCAA/Professional sport and/or Department of Defense; and, Experience working in interdisciplinary research teams in research with members of underrepresented groups.

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