Neurogenetics of Developmental and Degenerative Disease

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Job Description

Job Description

The Yoon Lab is looking for a highly motivated, creative, and responsible scientists who will play a key role in achieving the mission of the lab. We aim to discover cellular and molecular mechanisms of Mendelian mitochondrial diseases. To do this, we implement an experimental pipeline that leverages the combined power of clinical data, genomics analysis, and studies using Drosophila models and patient-derived stem cell models.

Researchers with strong interest in neurological and mitochondrial diseases are welcome to apply. Expertise in any of the following areas is highly valued though not required:

  • Drosophila genetics
  • Metabolism/mitochondrial biology
  • Neurodegeneration & Neurodevelopmental diseases
  • Developmental biology
  • iPSCs/cerebral organoids


The lab have discovered 5 new Mendelian mitochondrial diseases including the Harel-Yoon syndrome that bears my name. We have established disease models in Drosophila and human iPS cells. Hence, the motivated postdoctoral researchers are expected to discover new findings and publish high-impact papers

Job Requirements

Ph.D. in a biological science, or other relevant area, or equivalent.