Bacterial Engineering to Create Green Bioproducts

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Job Description

Several Postdoctoral Research Associate positions in bacterial systems/synthetic biology are available to work with Professor Patricia Kiley (Dept. of Biomolecular Chemistry), Professor Daniel Noguera (Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering), or Professor Tim Donohue (Dept. of Bacteriology), with opportunity for joint mentoring by other faculty members. Within GLBRC, our groups study and engineer metabolic and regulatory pathways of industrial microbes that can convert major energy crop residues into fuels and chemicals.

We seek motivated candidates to deploy state of the art functional genomic approaches to improve metabolic engineering of bacterial hosts to convert biomass-derived components into substitutes for fuels and chemicals that are currently derived from petroleum. The candidates will be responsible for the design and assembly of microbial chassis to generate economically valuable products by combining various experimental approaches such as genomics, systems, synthetic, and computational biology, metabolism, enzymology, and genetics.

Required Degree – Ph.D. in relevant biological, computational sciences, or engineering fields.
Minimum Requirements -Ability or interest to combine analytic, chemical, computational, molecular biology, genomic, and biochemical methods to understand and develop new microbial hosts. Strong written and oral communication skills to collaborate and communicate effectively with a team of researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds are necessary.
Desired Qualifications – Track record of publishing research data in quality peer-review journals. Demonstrate creativity and independence. Enjoy working in a collaborative team setting.

Send a cover letter (up to 2 pages) describing your interest(s) in this position and relevant skills, a CV, and the name and contact information of three professional references. Questions about the positions and application materials should be submitted to Patricia Kiley (, Dan Noguera (, or Tim Donohue (

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