Advancing Stem Cell-Based Therapies for Disease Modeling, Repair, and Transplantation

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Job Description

The Barbara & Jonas Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory in the Departments of Ophthalmology, Pathology & Cell Biology at Columbia University seeks postdoctoral applicants for research with patient-specific stem cell lines: disease modeling, repair, transplantation as well as gene therapy.


Work within the guidelines to implement genetic research projects.

Drafting of research abstracts, manuscripts, posters, manuscripts, and preparation and presentation of research findings.

Broad knowledge and excellent skills in a wide-variety of molecular biology methods from very fundamental to advanced technologies, including tissue culture (cell line, primary cell, stem cell, mouse handling, mouse model creating (transgene, knock-in, knock-out), gene editing techniques (CRISPR, TALEN, Zinc finger) in vitro and in vivo, etc.

Willingness to learn rapidly evolving scientific knowledge and new techniques;

Ability to work with peers as well as outside of the team to enable higher performance;

Ability to effectively convey information verbally and in writing;

Job Requirements

Applicants should have a PhD in enzyme kinetics, electrophysiology, cell biology, molecular biology or related fields.