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Background: Dr. Weiping Tang joined the faculty of UW-Madison in 2007. His lab focuses on various aspects of drug discovery including synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, bioassay development, and mechanism of action studies for bioactive compounds in-vitro and in-vivo. Please visit his lab website (link on the left) for updated information.

Drug Discovery:

Drug discovery is highly interdisciplinary and requires a broad range of skill sets. In addition to the design and synthesis of drug candidates, we develop various cell-based and biochemical assays to evaluate the pharmacological properties of the drug candidates such as potency, selectivity, and stability. We also design assays to study the detailed cellular mechanisms of action of novel small molecules we developed such as how they induce the ubiquitination, degradation, and internalization of protein targets in cells. In addition, we also develop delivery methods for the therapeutic agents we prepared through the discovery of novel ligands for cell surface receptors and transporters.

Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Synthesis:

We are interested in developing novel reactions for the synthesis of carbo- and heterocycles that are present in diverse bioactive compounds. These reactions can be used for the optimization of pharmacological properties of small molecules such as potency, selectivity, stability, and solubility. We are interested in developing novel enabling chemistry platforms that can accelerate the generation of large small molecule libraries. We are also interested in advancing glycoscience by streamlining the synthesis of carbohydrates through the development of novel technologies (e.g. site-selective functionalization, de novo synthesis of bacterial sugars, automated synthesis, electrochemical synthesis, etc.). The carbohydrates can be used for engineering the glycans on antibodies and other therapeutic reagents.

Chemical Biology:

We are interested in dissecting the complex biological pathways by novel small molecule probes. We are currently developing small molecules that can selectively modulate protein stability and epigenetic markers.

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