Sue Bodine

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Maintenance of an active, healthy lifestyle requires the ability to move. Skeletal muscles make up over 40% of body mass, and the proper functioning of skeletal muscle is critical for movement and maintaining an active, independent lifestyle. In my laboratory, we study how muscles respond to positive stressors, such as resistance and endurance exercise, and negative stressors, such as limb immobilization, inactivity, nerve damage, microgravity and aging. We are particularly interested in understanding why muscles lose mass and strength in response to negative stimuli, especially aging.

Muscle mass and strength peak in early adulthood and slowly decrease with advancing age. We are studying the mechanisms responsible for this process to find ways to prevent or slow the aging process. Our ultimate goal is to develop therapeutics that can prevent the loss of muscle mass and strength under various disease conditions and enhance the recovery of mass and strength following a muscle-atrophy-inducing event.

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