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The genomics revolution has given us the power to understand the molecular wiring of cancer cells in unprecedented detail, and has enabled the development of highly effective targeted therapies that rationally perturb specific molecular pathways essential to the cancer cell.  Still, there are many open questions whose answers would significantly improve the resolution at which we understand how cancer develops and progresses. For example:​

(1)  What are the significant drivers of cancer that occur in non-coding or “dark” regions of the genome, and how can these be rationally targeted?

(2)   How does the genome or transcriptome of a cancer cell adapt to pressure from cancer therapies?

(3) How do changes in the cancer genome interact with changes at other levels of gene regulation (epigenetic/transcriptional, RNA processing/modification, RNA splicing) to remodel the malignant transcriptome?​

We are interested in exploring these and other fundamental questions in cancer biology using multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches, with the ultimate goal of laying the pre-clinical foundation for the next generation of targeted therapies that can improve outcomes for cancer patients.

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