Michael Stout

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My research program lies at the intersection between metabolism, reproductive biology and geroscience. I am particularly interested in the role that sex hormones play in regulating aging and disease due to sex-specific disparities in metabolic disease, inflammatory disorders, and healthspan across the life-cycle.

My lab studies the way sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone impact chronic diseases. We know certain diseases appear and develop differently in males and females, and we study what could be causing this difference. Since the frequency of these sex-dependent diseases balance out after females reach menopause, we can guess at least part of the cause is connected to the hormones produced by the ovaries. My lab focuses on testing the impact of these ovarian hormones on disease models to better understand how to treat these sex-dependent chronic diseases in the future. My long-term goal is to develop therapeutic strategies that target metabolic signaling pathways in a manner similar to calorie restriction, thereby diminishing age-related diseases and compressing the period of morbidity in mid-to-late life.

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