Job Description

Dr. Turi’s primary research goal is to understand how potentially modifiable environmental exposures during pregnancy and early childhood contribute to the development of asthma and allergy syndromes in children. He is specifically interested in understanding the harmful impacts of exposures such as respiratory infections, medications, diet, and environmental pollutants on the developing metabolic and immune systems mediating childhood asthma development.

Dr. Turi conducts collaborative research and is involved in cohorts and consortiums following children longitudinally to study childhood exposures and chronic respiratory disease development including the NIH-supported Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) consortium. He is currently funded by an NIH NHLBI career development grant seeking to launch an elite translational research program focused on identifying endotypes of allergy and wheeze and molecular pathways linking exposure to diseases development by integrating high-dimensional omics data such as genetic, metabolic, and immune-response data. Such a program would incorporate systems approaches to immunology, metabolomics, and genomics, and microbiome. He has also recently developed an interest in understanding the socioeconomic and molecular root of sex and racial disparity in respiratory diseases throughout life.

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